Thursday, September 23

World Water Day 2012

Dear Diary.

There is a blogging competition at my office and I desperately want to send in an entry. Well, I have never really felt acute shortage of water anywhere in my life. And whenever there was a slightest bit of problem, there was a solution just around the corner. And I am confused what to write as I have no experience or memory to write from. Think of something..think of something…Let me call up mom, she always helps clear my thoughts… an hour and a few phone calls later..I now know what is happening in my friends life, what events are coming up in my college, what new antics the new pups at my home are up to…etc…But nothing about water…Let me park this for a while, clearly there is no point writing something without a skeleton of the story in mind. “SAM..SWITCH ON THE MOTOR. THERE IS NO WATER IN THE TANK”. That was my roommate screaming at the top of her voice.Water had to run out now when I was thinking about water scarcity..?? Laughing it off, I made my way to the switch and turned it on. Nothing happened. I turned it on and off again(well, what do you expect?). Nothing doing. I came back to my room and that is when the realization struck me.It was a Sunday morning.Which meant the plumber wont be attending our calls anytime till the next day.

Ok..So what next? I will have to run to my office which was 6kms from my place for using the washroom. Stupid old me, I had the bright idea of soaking my clothes just two hours ago and it was a week’s worth of laundry. *wow.Can it get any better..? The utensils used for breakfast lie in the sink waiting to be washed. *Great.This keeps getting better and better..?? “OH GOD.NOOOO”I ran to where the sound was coming from. My roommate had accidently spilled curry on the floor. *Fantastic..How to clean it without water? I was looking for an article to write, looks like I will have to experience everything before writing anything down.Laughing at the irony of it all, I made my way to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. I held the glass at the tap of the water purifier – only to realize that none of us had filled the water in the purifier in the morning.I watched with trepidation as the last drop of water trickled out of it into my tumbler. Thats it for now-I need to go in search of water. Will keep you updated my dearest diary.


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