Sunday, October 17

Triple Frontier | A half decent Action Flick

Worth a watch.

Netflix had hit he ground running in 2019 with a host of big name Originals in The Meyorowitz Stories, Dumplin and Velvet Buzzaw. Triple Frontier now adds to the list. The movie however failed to deliver to the fullest of its potential.

Triple Frontier leads us through the lives of 5 ex-special forces men who are going through less than ideal times in their lives. They decide to rob a cartel boss for a score that would set them for life. Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam as ‘Pope’ and ‘Ironhead’ were thorough in their roles, whereas Ben Affleck maintains his usual ‘I do not have any clue on what I am doing here’ expression throughout the movie.

The movie passes through its best phase by the end of the hour mark and from there on its a slow meandering journey towards the end. Quite few of those sequences should have been avoided.

I would recommend this as a one time watch but only if you are done with the better recent Netflix offerings in Love, Death & Robots (scifi thriller) After Life (comedy).

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