Thursday, September 23

The Adoption

He said his mom did not entertain the idea of adoption.
She reminded him that they did not stay with his parents.

He said that he would never go against his mom.
She reminded him that theirs was a love marriage and that his mom had not entertained it initially.

He said he would have difficulty in loving a child that was not his own blood.
She reminded him that they had gone over this earlier and that he was replaying the same cards again just to stop the process.

He asked her to choose between him and the unknown child.
She bowed down her head and gave in to the man whom she loved.


I was supposed to start my 2nd grade the next day. The Father had told me that I would be getting new parents that day. I had packed my bags, worn my Sunday best clothes and had my Barbie ready to go. I remember waiting.. the longest wait of my life… And then there was a phone call….. It was a day that I wish I could forget…!!

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