Thursday, August 5

Tag: Timothy Hutton


The Haunting of Hill House | Netflix | When the genre is Horror, this is the closest to perfection one can ever get.

I wouldn't call myself a sucker for the genre 'horror', nor am I usually inclined to get started on a series if its anything but a thriller. The trailer was interesting yet it was not that enticing. This is why The Haunting of Hill House (A Netflix Original) haunted and thrilled me in so many levels. Every aspect of the series, from the writing, cast, background music, cinematography, sets and story are off the charts and is oozing with class. Without doubt the series turned out to be one of the best Horror series I ever saw. From the moment the series kicked off, Mike Flanagan lets us dissect and judge the lives of 7 individuals through an elaborate mixture of moments from the past and present, all leading to the Hill House. The series keeps alternating between the two timelines su...