Sunday, October 17

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11.22.63 | Hulu Original | A mystery Sci-Fi Thriller that starts off brilliantly, eases off a bit and then ends with a bang !

  Jake Epping (James Franco ) is a high school teacher who travels back in time to 1960, through a time portal that was revealed to him by his friend and cafe owner Al Templeton. The time portal located in Al's Cafe closet lets them travel back to October 21'st 1960 every single time and however long they stay back in the past, its always just 2 minutes that elapses in the present. After multiple failed attempts and now dying of cancer, Al requests Jake to travel back in time so that he could prevent the JFK assassination (as he believes if JFK had survived, the world would have been a better place) by taking out Lee Harvey Oswald (Daniel Webber) and finding out if anybody else was involved in the same. Reluctantly and with nothing to lose in his present life, Jake sets out ...

Netflix Original | The Forest | La forêt | A french thriller circled around a beautiful village.

When a 16 year old school student Jennifer goes missing, Captain Gasper Decker (Samuel Labarthe) and  his team goes about investigating. All that they have as lead is the phone call received by the ever mysterious french teacher Eva Mendel (Alexia Barlier) right before the girls disappearance.  The series is entirely in french, but was riveting enough for me to ignore that fact.  It comes with the usual share of mystery, lies and thrill.  The 6 episode series starts pretty strongly with the first two episodes moving the story along at a brisk pace. All the characters are introduced and some of the prime suspects are introduced and nullified in quick succession. The story takes a turn when the missing child ends up dead and that is followed by two more girls going missing. The story,...

Safe | Netflix Original | Harlan Coben played it safe on this one.

If The Five , Sherlock and Dexter did not intrigue you enough to give it a go at the new  Netflix Original Safe , i doubt anything would. Harlan Coben's Safe sticks to the generic formula that worked so well in The Five and is a pretty interesting watch. It, however, does not follow the upward trajectory in terms of entertainment factor as in the case of 'the five'.  Safe is set in a suburban British gated community where all the main characters of the story live.  The story gets rolling when a girl goes missing from the community. In typical Coben style there are a few other characters, all with their own share of secrets that form the crux of the story. In the end everything is connected, some less convincingly than others. After a brief hiatus, Michael C. Hall returns as the m...

Requiem (2018) | Netflix | Another decent British Supernatural Thriller.

'Cold case of a missing kid' seems to be the formula that works the best for most of the British Supernatural Thrillers these days. Requiem , too follows the trend when 23 years later, the case of a toddler who went missing in 1994 comes into limelight. The series begins in breathtaking pace and the subsequent episodes somehow goes meandering and is unable to keep up with the brilliant beginning.  It's definitely not as good as Dark, The Five or Broadchurch but definitely better than 1922 and Collateral. The series begins with an old man in a small Welsh Village commits suicide, followed by another suicide in London of the mother of a rising Cello star Matilda Gray (Lydia Wilson) right in front of her. The element of supernatural is laden in the very first shots itself. Matilda and ...

Glitch Season 2 | Netflix Original | Almost as good as the first season.

Ever since stumbling upon Glitch a year ago I had been waiting for Season 2 so eagerly and in fact this was a Netflix original that I was looking forward to, a lot more when compared to Stranger Things.  The Aussies do know how to make an engaging paranormal series. Glitch is about a small town policeman James Hayes , who is called to a local cemetery in the middle of the night where six people who had died, spread across centuries, comes back to life in perfect health and with no memory of their identities. A local doctor Elishia McKellar , who is called to the scene helps them out and as it turns out one of the 'risen' ones is the coppers wife Kate Willis who had died a few years ago. From there the story unfolds with the mysteries surrounding the 'risen' ones on how they lived th...

The Five, definitely binge worthy !

Netflix continues to spoil fans of mystery drama with more of the same awesomeness that we saw in  some of the Netflix originals like Stranger Things, Glitch, HOC, Black Mirror, Sense 8, Ozark et all albeit this time with a hit British series, The Five. Without going into the spoilers, this mystery thriller starts 20 odd years ago with the disappearance of a young boy and follows into the present where it surrounds the lives of the 4 individuals  (kids then), who were present that day with the kid. All hell breaks loose, when the DNA of the kid mysteriously presents itself in the scene of a murder and the four friends who were leading distraught lives in separate locations reunite to get to the root of it all. Harlan Coben succeeds in keeping us interested throughout with enough dr...