Tuesday, August 3

So how does the team react when in a difficult situation ?

United @ Stoke, Sept 9th

  • The Bailly/Jones pairing which was immaculate for United for the first three matches was culpable for both the goals that Stoke scored today. These kind of defensive frailties would be exploited by bigger teams
  • Herrera makes his first start of the season after the player of the season performance last year and I daresay Mata was benched for the role he played in Perreira going off to Valencia on loan against Mou’s wishes.
  • The second half, for most parts, was played by United with an eye on the match on Tuesday and it was there to be seen. Stoke had the clearer of chances and but for some accustomed De Gea magic, United would have been staring at a defeat long back.
  • There was a serious lack of quality in the crosses when anybody other than Valencia attempted it and sadly there were too may of Valencia’s crosses that were wasted at the back-post, due to the stubbornness of Rashford and Pogba as they failed to make the runs.
  • Rashford today was a one trick pony and was always trying to peel off the last defender, trying to make those runs. The mazy runs at the defenders from either wings were sorely missed.

City should now be considered firm favorites to win the league this season with the way they have been stepping it up game after game.

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