Thursday, September 23

Ratsasan | Tamil | One of the truly great thrillers ever made in any language.

Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul weren’t necessarily the dream cast, nor did Ram Kumar strike me off as a director, whose movies I was eagerly waiting for. Hence, I do probably belong to the majority of fans who decided to give it a go after the numerous brilliant ‘by word of mouth’ reviews. Ratsasan (2018), didn’t disappoint. In fact, it blew me away from the very first few moments itself and never let go of the pace for not even a single second.

Ratsasan, is about a young aspiring filmmaker Arun, who gets constantly rejected by producers who are unwilling to invest on his projects involving psycho serial killers. Eventually after much persuasion from his family and a standing offer from the force owing to his father passing away while on duty, he ends up joining the Police as a Sub-Inspector. From there, Arun gets embroiled in the chase of a Serial Killer who kidnaps and kills School girls. 

Writer-Director Ram Kumar, made Ratsasan with a lot of heart and deserves majority of the kudos for enthralling us with the thriller of a lifetime. Ghibran ‘s BGM is another highlight of the movie and keeps one clinging on to the edge of the seat throughout. Vishnu Vishal does justice to his portrayal of the protagonist who is often chasing shadows in his hunt for the serial killer and is definitely one of the actors i would watch out for in the future. The support cast of Kaali VenkatMunishkanth (such an underrated actor) and others are brilliant as well. 

Tamil Cinema is going through a Renaissance right now, one that reminds me of what Malayalam Cinema went through a couple of years ago – one that sadly did not last long. I just hope that gems like Rasasan, 96 , Pariyerum PerumalKolamavu Kokila and Vada Chennai keep on coming. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing out on something special. 

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