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Obtaining Infosys Employment Verification Letter

How to obtain a detailed Infosys Experience Letter?

As a courtesy, Infosys has started giving detailed experience letters which is necessary for I-140 Immigration petition\PERM application in USA. The process is extremely simple. I got my experience letter within 2 weeks. If you are still in contact with your managers from Infosys Days, it would be easier. Following is a detailed step by step guide to get your experience letter.

Step 01: Send an email to (Edited February 2018) stating that you are looking to get your detailed experience letter.

Step 02: Within a couple of days, you will get a response along with 2 attachments for you to fill out. If you do not hear back, you can always follow up.
The First document is a format in which Infosys gives the experience letter. You would have to list all your job duties and Tools for which you are requesting the experience letter.  Sample below:

The second document has 2 sections. The first section is for your current employer to fill out.  It requires them to confirm that they require the experience letter for the GC processing. A sample snapshot of the document looks like this:

The second section if for you to list down your managers during Infosys Tenure. Your managers will have to validate your job duties and tools used. I listed 5 managers from my Tenure and the request for validation was sent to 2 of them. You can use approximate start and end dates as it would be difficult for anyone to remember these for all their projects.

Step 03: After filling out the 2 documents in step 02 to the best of your knowledge, reply to the email from with attachments. Within a couple of days, you will get an email saying it has been sent to your managers for validation. This email will have the email address of the managers to whom it has been sent for validation.

Step 04: Once it is approved, you will receive the employment verification letter in your inbox. If not,  Send an email to your managers saying that you have asked for a detailed experience letter and they would have to approve it. I also listed down the duties for which I was seeking their approval and listed them down by projects. This is not something one should do, but I did.

Step 05: You will get the experience letter within a day of the managers approving it. In my case, it took about 10 minutes between the managers approving and me receiving the letter in my inbox.

Step 06: If none of your managers or superiors are still with Infosys – find any friend\HR who is in Level 06 and above at Infosys. Send a detailed email with your Employee Number(this is very very important) and details of the projects you worked along with dates. Get a confirmation beforehand that they will be willing to do this favor for you. When you send an email to , add these details about this. Clearly specify that nobody in your hierarchy is present but is willing to approve. Ask them to suggest an alternate approver if they are not happy with the person you have specified.

Points to Note:

  1. I do not know Infosys Internal SLAs. I can only guesstimate based on my experience.
  2. Infosys gives the experience letter as a courtesy and reserves the right to deny it.


  • Babitha

    Hi, this is wonderful and very helpful. Thanks.. I have a question. The people I worked with and also the managers who supervised me are no longer employed at the company. Any idea how the process goes about in such a case when no one can validate my work at Infosys?

    • shalady

      Hello Babitha,
      I would suggest you email and they would be able to guide you.
      If not your supervisors, then their supervisors may still be with Infosys. You could also list anyone in JL6 and above who could vouch for you.
      I wish you the best in getting your employment verification.

      • Nikita Nagarkar

        Hi ! This is a great post and super useful , Thank you ! My question is an extension to Babita’s – only one of my manger is currently working with Infosys and rest all of them have left infosys. However, I am in touch with them. Is it ok to include their personal email address to get their approval?

  • Akshay Gupta

    So even I got the PDF letter in a matter of minutes. However, my attorney wants the original letter instead. I reached out to Infosys about it and they denied sending me the original. Did you also have to reach out for the hard copy?

    • shalady

      Hello Akshay, I hope You figure out the solution to your predicament. The Employee verification letter that Infosys hands out is a courtesy. I am not sure though that they would hand out hard copies.

  • sandipan sen

    Hi Shalady,

    How long did it take you to get the experience letter? Also did you mention each and every designation in your experience letter or just the last one?

    • shalady

      They will send you a format. It goes along the lines of ‘Her\his Last designation at time of separation was…’. I did mention every single responsibility that I handled during my tenure though.

      • Sandipan Sen

        How long did it take you to obtain the letter? and did you break up your responsibilities per role or did you just collate them all together.

        • shalady

          It is pretty fast as long as you keep following up with all parties involved. I had great managers at Infy, so I did not face any delays. Expect to get it in 1-2 weeks.

  • Laxine

    Thanks to blogger for detailed steps.

    I got my work experience letter within 3 days.
    I think it all depends on follow up and how quickly your past manger or DM can approve. Contact your manager directly providing him an heads up.

    Contacted Infosys on Tuesday and received experience letter on Thursday of same week.

    • J

      You are always welcome Laxine and the point you mentioned about getting the past manager/DM on board is absolutely vital and hopefully would help others who had trouble with the letter.

  • Rakesh Sinha

    I emailed “” 3 days ago but haven’t heard back from them. How long do I need to wait? Is there any contact number to follow up with them? Thanks!

  • KVL

    Why do they print CA address for reference letter in US letter head? Is CA address used on all the reference letters or can they use an other address for US letter head template?

    I got my reference letter with CA address but needed a reference letter with TX address.

  • Vartika

    I have been following up on my initial email since Nov 16 , no response from Infosys 😐 What is the best number to call at to follow up?

  • Nikita Nagarkar

    Thank you Gym ! I have emailed referenceletters, How much time does infosys take in the same? Also, is there a process as Shalady mentioned above?

    • J

      I would suggest you try and add any manager (along with your ex-managers) who is still with Infy and knew you while you were in Infy. This worked for me.

  • Kal tunga

    Hello… thanks for detailed explanation of obtaining the experience letter.. Can I know if Infosys gives experience letter in there own format or will they give in the format we request for ? Also how long did it take for Infosys to first reply with the attachment?

    • shalady

      Infosys has a standard template for experience letter. They are extremely prompt in their response. It took them 2 days to respond to my query.

  • Shravan Krishna Itha

    Hi ,
    I am ex-Infosian too.
    I mailed to requesting an experience letter with updated template (including roles , responsibilities and tools used).

    It has been 3-4 working days haven’t received any communication yet. Nor the infy manager has received anything about this request.

    Is there is any place I can follow up in regards to this.
    Please help..

  • Roy

    Dear Blogger, can you please post a sample of the infosya standard format of RNR letter. I just wanted to be sure it covers most of points like 40hrs, from/to date, salary etc.

  • GC_Applicant_09


    Can we send the above message to infosys from our personal email or is it recommended to send the email via current employer email account?


  • Sunitha Menon

    Thank you so much.. This was the most helpful and updated article. It took very little time for the entire process. I really appreciate the blogger for the detailed instruction.

    All the best for everyone who goes through the GC process.

  • Suman

    I did sent an email and got a reply saying that ” We regret to inform you that we are not providing the letter to you”. Did they stopped providing the letter?

  • InfyAlumni

    They gave me the experience letter in 2 days but in Indian Address letter pad. I am requesting them for a revised one with TX address. Lets see what happens.

  • Shan

    Hi – has anyone been successful to get a letter in case non of your previous managers/ supervisors are not currently at Infosys. In short do they reach out to ex-Infosys supervisors for confirmation on skills and accept that for providing the letter.

    Even my supervisor’s supervisor do not work at Infosys anymore.

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