Friday, June 18

Manchester United (2019/20) Season Review

A forgettable average season comes to a deserving end!
The team got the fans like me excited on certain occasions but much like last season ran out of gas towards the end (finishing 3rd notwithstanding). Some of the things that stuck of as positives and negatives for me as a fan.
+ve Emergence of #MasonGreenwood ! What a finisher the boy is !
+ve Anthony Martial stepped up as a true center forward. If he maintains his newfound hunger for goals, he would light up PL and Europe next season.
+ve #BrunoFernandez / #Pogba partnership. Good to see a central midfield pair finally blossoming, Both of them are willing to take creative risks and on the long run would auger well for United.
+ve #WanBissaka , what a defender. Understandably towards the end of the season he did run out of steam but he is the best rightback i have seen in a while. Needs to work on his deliveries going forward.
+ve #BrandonWilliams one for the future. Nevilisque in attitude and shows the same heart while standing up for the badge.
+/- neutral #HarryMcguire I want to give the benefit of the doubt of the huge price tag weighing down on him but towards the end of the season there were a lot of occasions he was caught in no mans land. Not taking on the crosser, nor anywhere near the striker. I am going to wait for next season for him to prove his real worth. Another thing that bothered me throughout the season was #Lindelof being made scapegoat for every defeat. I have to say he was the best central defender for us this season.
+/- neutral #Ole , at times clueless as a manager. His tactics pretty much revolved around trusting the players to come up with something creative. Thoroughly under utilized bench and heavy reliance on the starting 11 should have been avoided. I would have liked to see more of #Chong and #Gomez . The record number of academy graduates to make their mark this season is a misleading stat, if you ask me. Of those only #BrandonWilliams got a decent run. Also his dealing of #Romero was disappointing. The player deserved more respect and deserved to start for United in both the FA cup as well today’s loss.
-ve – #ManchesterUnited bench over reliance on certain players did cost us heavily. Either the manager needs to trust the bench or he needs to go out and get the players he need for the bench.
-ve – #Andries #James and #Lingard Disappointing seasons for the three. They were the only people from the bench who got consistent chances, most of which they could not capitalize on.
-ve – #DavidDegea – he is just the shadow the player who once pulled out United from trouble time and again. Silly errors cost us games and seems to be terribly short of confidence.
-ve #AxelTunzabe – He will be future United captain if he can remain injury free. Lost a big opportunity this season by getting injured consistently and losing his spot in the team. Hope next season is better for him.
Now is the time to rest, recuperate and kick start next season. Hope we get a good player up front to give #martial, #ashford and #Greenwood a fight for the three available spots. We need to sort out the #DeanHenderson scenario as well. I think its his time.
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