Thursday, September 23

Keeping up with Dog Expenses

How much Money does it take to keep a dog?

I have been asked this question multiple times since we got our dog. I figured, it is easier to list it here and reference this when the question comes my way again. Below are most of our dog related expenses.

Detailed Description Amount Comments
Adoption Fees 150$ You might get this waived if you visit during any adoption drive
Harness, Collar and 5ft Leash 25$ Bought at shelter. Overpriced as it is a donation.
Lease modification and 1 time pet fees 325$ Only for those in apartments.
Pill Pockets 10$ Our dog had medication when we got him. Found out later that Costco has better rates.
Furminator Deshedding Tool 50$ Was suggested to us. Was an unnecessary expenditure
Dog Bed 50$ Costco has good quality beds for big dogs.
Dog Kennel 80$ Walmart had good kennel with removable floor.
Reflective Collar 5$ Good Quality
County Dog License Fees 25$ for 3 years.
Retractable Leash 20$ 16ft.Our dog doesnt walk without leash
Kong Classic Dog Toy 10$ The folks at shelter recommended this and he does love it.
Seat Belt 8$ Found out hard way after he jumped out of the window at local park.
Seresto Flea and Tick Collar 50$ Because I saw a Giant Tick on another dog at the local park.
Nail Grinder 35$ Because I don’t take him to a groomer and do it all myself.
Zoom Groom Brush 7$ The lady at the Vet’s office recommended it. And it works wonders.
Pet Hair Vaccuum Handheld 30$
Car Plug In Portable Vaccuum Cleaner 15$ Markdown at local Aldi. Got Lucky
Baby Gate 30$ To keep him away from Kitchen
Wellness Insurance Monthly 26.5$ Cancelled after Month 01
Vaccine and Heart worm Medicine 60$ Will recur Twice a year
Wellness Physicals at Banfield Pet Clinic 42$ Will recur Twice a year
Pet Shower Spray 11$
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 13$
Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Cleaner 10$
Dog Treats 10$
Hand Sanitizer Giant Size 14$
Candles and other Room Freshners 30$
35lb Food bag per month 50$ Our 70 lb dog is a picky eater and eats only Hills Science Food.Monthly Recurring.
Sum Total 1191.5$ What can I say, he is worth it.

Our dog was neutered before we got him. So, that is another 100$ saved. He might need a dental cleanup soon – so that is another 250$.

There are cheaper ways to do this and if I had to do this again, I would probably start with Facebook Marketplace for things like Kennel or Dog Gates.

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