Thursday, September 23

John Wick Chapter 3 – No Spoilers Review

As the movie began, I asked my partner ‘What does Parabellum mean?’ and got a shrug as response. Little did I know that the movie would demonstrate in detail what it means.

John Wick Chapter 3 is a movie that has inspired me to pick up a pen(hypothetically) and write a review after eons. Delicious is the only word that comes to mind. I was scared that the third installment of the John Wick series might not be up to the mark as the first 2 had set the bars high. I have to say that the third one exceeds all my expectations and surpasses 1 and 2 by leaps.

The fight scenes are not limited to Guns this time around, there are a lot of fights with knives, swords and sometimes random things like books, belts and horses. Keanu Reeves has delivered an amazing performance and it helps that he does not age. He looks as handsome and amazing covered in all the gritty grime and blood as he does in the real life.

Lovely choice of actors to pay the various roles. I would have loved to see Ruby Rose again, but the new characters do not disappoint. Some of the strong characters in the movie have hardly any screen time. Most of the newly introduced characters leave us with more questions than answers. This makes more sense towards the end as you realize that you do not want this series to end at all, or better still – it would have been fan-fucking-tastic if John Wick were a series and we would not have to wait years between installments. Lovely character building and makes you want to see more of these characters.

Halle Berry has a nice role with a lot of emotional background which are left vague – I wonder if she will get her own movie soon. If she does, I would be amongst the first to get the tickets- after all anyone with 2 awesome dogs deserves their own movie.

As crazy as the fight sequences are, I love the way certain scenes make us smile. When John Wick started pulling signature WWE moves, I all but jumped out of my seat cheering. (I wonder if my partner wished that he could disappear at the time).

If there were one movie that was made with me in mind as the audience, it has to be John Wick –  A handsome hero with emotional baggage, almost suicidal with self-pity, A dog lover to the core, fight sequences that belong on stage as art, a different world within our world and the right kind of humor. I am glad that my biggest countdown of 2019 is a completely worth my time (Yes, am crazy – John Wick rates higher in my book than GOT or Avengers). I wonder if I can guilt trip my partner into watching this again tomorrow…


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