Tuesday, August 3

Hungry for Etiquette

This past Friday, a friend and I volunteered\participated in a Shuttle Badminton Tournament. We expected the event to go on until around 5-6 pm in the evening. However due to many participants, it ended much later in the evening than we expected. We had our lunch at around 12:30 pm in the afternoon and we got busy with the volunteering activity and our matched post that. Food wasn’t really a priority.

After the event ended at 10:30 pm, we stayed back to help with cleaning the place. At 11 pm, while driving home, exhaustion hit us bad and we decided to stop for food. We stopped at Eddie’s Place Restaurant. I ordered a bowl of lobster Soup and my friend asked for a plate of pot stickers and Wings.

My food was served with a Soup spoon, 2 pieces of bread and 2 packets of butter. I used the spoon to smear the butter on the bread and dunked it into the soup bowl and relished the amazing food. After my first piece of bread had disappeared along with half a bowl of my soup, sensibility started to set in and that is when I realized that the silverware and napkins had been lying next to my plate the entire time. Laughing it off, I picked up the silverware and continued with my dinner.

A couple minutes later, I heard an expletive from my partner. I looked up shocked and asked ‘What happened?’. He held up his hands with which he had just finished eating half a plate of wings and said ‘I just realized that I did not wash my hands and the last thing we did was pick up trash’

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