Saturday, January 16

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them : Review

I should start by saying that this was probably one of the most awaited movies of the year for me. So pardon me if i had set too high an expectation.  What awaited me was an entertainer with quite a few amazing moments, plugged into a magical journey.

Five Reasons to watch :

  •  A glimpse into the Magical World of Harry Potter. The fans love this world unconditionally and those who aren’t fans are ever so curious about whats around the corner. This movie has subtle hints to Harry Potter if you are looking for it – an occasional mention of Hogwarts and Dumbledore, a Gryffindor scarf etc bring the familiar world back to us.This movie is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face.
  • The animation and the colors makes the movie surreal. The vibrant blues and golds bring the imaginary creatures to life and there are moments one wishes they were real.The graphics around the Obscurus was unnerving and was Scary without being gross, I would say they nailed a difficult scene perfectly. I can list the creatures and their beauty all day and I am sure they are going to live in my mind for a long time to come
  •  Mr.Farrell’s acting has me convinced that he is a wizard. Such is the flair with which he has performed this role. Miller on the other hand had a difficult role to play and has done justice to the short role. Dan Fogler brings a breathe of fresh air into an otherwise grim movie. Eddie Redmayne had a hesitant\curious\shy character and I am not entirely sure why. Much as I loved seeing him, his character could have had better dimension.
  •  A glimpse of New York from the past.This has been done in multiple movies before but not with the imagination of JK Rowling. The life of NoMajs(Muggles) has an old world charm and appeal. The bakery scene almost made me want to jump out of the seat and get into the screen just to smell the freshness of a newly baked bread that they were picturing.
  •  Meet the Pre-Voldemort Baddie. Fables come to life as we have a glimpse of a not-so-mad and ever-so-sensible Grindlewald.

Where it could have scored better:

  • Newt Scamander deserves a book, before the movie. JK Rowling should have explained to us why he is the way he is.
  • I have often been at a loss of words on why people think that every single thing needs to be ‘Americanized’. The heavy British accent that shouted out ‘Hogwarts!!’ was missing from the word go as FB (Fantastic Beasts) is based out of New York.
  • Unlike their present day counterparts, New York City is painted out to be a dull, boring, slightly OCD’d world from both the No-Maj (Yeah, Americans like to rename everything, even if we Muggles do not mind being called muggles) and wizarding world point of view. 
  • There were so many situations that warranted a better explanation, unless you are absolutely thorough on your knowledge of the Harry Potter World.
  • ‘The Flash’, was a pretty odd choice for an odd character.


A movie that could have been a lot better had there been a proper JK Rowling book that preceded it and yet, something the HP fan in me would never have missed for anything !!

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