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Dumb Owner, Smart Dog

The smart one !

Anyone who knows me, knows that if you bring up the topic of my dog, you have to be prepared to be bored to death as I am going to recite every interesting(as defined by me) thing about my puppy. That being said – this article is going to be super challenging as I have to struggle against making this a thesis.

This is the story of how I figured out that my dog is not as dumb as I think he is… and how I am not as smart as I think I am.

Background: We have a 70lbs (30kgs) Rescue pup named Loki who was 4 years old when we got him. At the time – he was super drugged up due to kennel anxiety and had been diagnosed with aggressiveness towards other animals. His history says that he was found starved and had suspicious wounds on his head. Since we got him, he is drug free but the aggressiveness remains. We have consulted a local K9 trainer who said our puppy had aggressiveness bread into him and nothing could be done. Since our puppy doesn’t interact with other animals and he is fine with people – we have no concerns with his aggressiveness.

The following is an incident that happened on our first trip with our puppy to Myrtle Beach. It was our first trip with our doggo and we wanted to test the waters before long trips and vacations. This was a Sunday morning, I was walking Loki along the beach. My husband walked back to the car to get his camera stand. There were a lot of seagulls and other people on the beach. Loki was in his harness. What happened next in the matter of seconds will forever give me nightmares.

  1. Some seagulls flew close to comfort for Loki. He twisted around sideways – jumped twice.
  2. The next thing I know – I am standing with the dog-harness and Loki is off chasing the Seagulls.
  3. I turn to look at my husband and he has a ‘This is all your fault’ expression on his face. (He says that was not the expression but this is my story and I shall write what I remember).
  4. I look back towards Loki – people are frozen standing still and looking at me with accusing glance. I start screaming – ‘He is friendly. He is friendly’. (No matter how friendly a dog is, when a 70lbs dog comes running towards you – the heart is definitely going to skip a few beats)
  5. I can hear my heart beating – I can see my future flash in front of my eyes. Somebody is going to sue me for this and I am going to be paying them $$$ for rest of my life.
  6. I start running behind my dog – he turns around, looks at me and thinks it’s a chase and takes off. There is only so much I can run. I give up and stand looking at him.
  7. He realizes that I have given up chase, so he starts chasing the nearby seagulls. In a picture perfect jump, he leaps and catches one in his mouth.
  8. I look at him in horror and jog towards him. I don’t want a dead bird or even an injured one on my hands.
  9. He sees and puts the bird on the floor. He stands over it barking at the bird. The bird is petrified and looking at him.
  10. I finally catch up with him. He looks at me, stops barking and takes off again.
  11. I stare at him, my brain is having difficulty processing what my eyes are seeing. I look down at the bird wondering if it would snap me if I tried to help it.
  12. The bird looks at me, shakes off the water spreads its wings and takes off. In the mere seconds that I had to digest this – I could not notice a single droplet of blood on the bird.
  13. I look behind – my husband has caught up me. He has handful of dog treats and another leash in his hand. Our dog is nowhere in sight.
  14. We give up, and sit on the beach. I am ready to bawl my eyes out. He is torn between screaming at me and consoling me.
  15. After what felt like forever (but in affect was less than 5 minutes), our dog comes running out of nowhere, panting his lungs out and plops down at our feet.
  16. He had a great run along the beach. He caught seagulls. Scared his parents and in general had a great time.

A couple days later, as I am talking to my colleague at work – I recite the entire incident. I add – ‘Loki caught a seagull, put it on the floor, barked at it and kept it there for some time and for no apparent reason ran away. For a dog, how dumb can he really get?’ My colleague looked at me with amusement ‘Are you sure he is the one who is dumb. He did exactly what hunting dogs are supposed to do. He did not hurt the prey, kept it trapped till you got there. Not sure he did anything dumb there’

And…that is how I realized that in his previous life, my puppy was somebody’s hunting dog. Explains all the aggression !

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