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Avengers Endgame | Questions | Lots of Spoilers and thoughts.

Endgame turned out to be a good one time watch but fell a bit short of my expectations. Go in with low expectations and you might think differently. What follows next in this article is a bunch a questions I had and a ton of spoilers which go with them. Along with those are some of those goosebumps worthy moments in the movie and a small review as well. So read along only if you don’t mind the spoilers.

  • How did Hawkeye end up with the Soul stone? Nat killed herself and she is definitely not one that Hawkeye loved the most. I thought you need to sacrifice that you loved the most to get the Soul stone ?
  • The Time Travel sequence did mess up my brain. The second snap is supposed to have put things back to prior to when the first snap took place for the people who perished in the snap. It now meant that 50% of the population has lived all the way from 2018 to 2023 while the remaining 50 percent of the population is probably just waking up in 2023, seconds after they went into a nap in 2018. Mixed timelines for everyone. Spiderman Far from home is going to be interesting in this aspect unless every character from part 1 were snapped to dust only to return, unaged in 2023.
  • Loki from 2012 took off with the Tesseract and this should have some real huge ramifications in the  current day timeline including the events of Thor 2, Ragnarok and even Infinity Wars. Remember, this was still the time when Loki was still the bad guy and could have had serious impact in the whole timeline of any story that happened afterwards and did he survive the events of the Infinity war due to this new timeline ?
  • I am still not able to wrap around the fact that they found it okay to go back and change the timeline for saving half the population but found it okay that certain few individuals could be sacrificed in the process when time-travel was still a possibility. The availability of Pym particles should not really be a criteria as there definitely should be somebody who could have ended up developing something that was discovered in 1970’s. If you time travel once and do end up creating those alternate timelines, you should definitely be okay to do it again to save someone else you lost in a previous timeline. Marvel jumped right into the time travel mess that 20th Century had with X-Men.
  •  Now about Mjolnir. Why on earth did the out-of-shape lazy Thor bring it back from the 2013 Asgard or did Cap return it while returning the stone. After all the things done to alter the past what prevented Thor from telling his mother what the battle of Maliketh meant to her future? That was something Thor should have let out considering the fact that the whole movie treated Thor like an idiot (I repeat, not one with sense of humor but one who is an idiot).
  • Where did vision go ? He should have been part of the last scene right or was it because the snap happened after Vision died?
  • What about Cap’s splintered timeline? He effectively had a different life post the events of 2023 in the 1970’s as a superhero and ended up taking no part in any of the events of the previous Marvel movies ? That would make him a superhero who couldn’t care any less about ‘bad’ events that were supposed to happen and he could have prevented.
  • Now, to the event that I could not wrap my head around even a wee bit. Thanos from 2014 went to 2023 (present) to get dusted himself by the Avengers. So essentially he dies even before he got hold of even a single Infinity stone. That pretty much wipes out almost 90 percent of all the bad things that happened in the past few Marvel movies. Does it not essentially mean that other than Tony and Nat the rest of the world survived as they never had Thanos to deal with in the first place?
  • Doctor Strange and his pals does this space travel thing through the circle of fire thing (for lack of better words) to get all the Avengers to the right spot, even from far away planets with a blink of an eye. Why on earth didn’t he do the same during the course of the other movies (especially Infinity war) when they could have really done with some space travel to get to where the action was? Is it some sort of skill that pops up only when there needs to be no explanation provided?

There should be a lot more that I missed as the movie as such has too much going on in too less of a timespan and yet it felt like some of the scenes could have been avoided. The movie itself started off brilliantly with an emotional tone and the mood pretty much remains the same throughout. If I were to select one character that had the movie gave justice to the most, it has to be Cap, even though Tony had a better sent off and if I were to select one character that was absolutely marginalized and made useless, it has to be Thor with a whopping margin.

Thanos has to be one of the most wholesome villains ever in Movie history. His goals are not mired by emotion. He has absolute faith in himself and he genuinely believes in the result of his actions. How a ‘stone-less’ Thanos was still stronger than most of the Avengers combined was something I could not wrap my head around. This could have been one of the reasons why they kept Thor fat and Captain Marvel far away from action to bring some parity to the proceedings.

Now to some of those goosebumps worthy scenes, most of them involved Cap (not a Cap fan here!)

  • Avengers Assemble !
  • ‘I can do this whole day’. ‘Yeah, yeah, I know’
  • ‘Hail Hydra’
  • ‘I went for the head’
  • ‘I knew it’
  • Cap using Mjolnir

It’s definitely a fitting swansong for some of the characters in the Universe but I probably expected more from the movie. Definitely worth a watch.

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