Thursday, September 23

Alita: Battle Angel – A likable movie with certain obvious flaws

The movie left me with mixed opinions. One part of me absolutely loved the VFX, the heroine and bgm. The whole premise was pretty new to me due to my ignorance of the ‘Manga’ world. I certainly understand what the craze is all about. However, when a movie ends with more questions than answers by the end of it its obvious to leave you a bit flabbergasted and that is precisely how i felt.

If you are a fan of ‘manga’, it probably is a no-brainer but for the rest of the world this movie is going to evoke a mixed response. You will be Wowed by the heroine, doctor, VFX and action but would be left questioning some of the cliched roles and characters including that of the villain and ‘hero’.

All I can say is that, there is a better chance of you liking it than disliking it.

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