Friday, June 18

5 Must Do things before one dies!

You will never guess what the top 5 to-do things are before one dies. This list does not include scuba diving with sharks or bungee jumping in New Zealand. This is not an emotional or a traditional bucketlist that follows the path of enjoyment and must-have life experiences.

Unless you are all alone in this world, there will be someone whom you love. This bucketlist is focused on the practical aspects of death the way it affects the people we leave behind to grieve for us.  However out-of-whack my reasons may seem, know that these are useful and necessary things and could save someone a lot of grief someday when we are gone.

  1. Write a Will: I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Everyone should have a will. If you are over the age of 18 and have over 100$ in your bank account, then you need a will. Feel free to modify this as many times as you want in the future but make sure that there is one true will at any point in time.
  1. Have precise Documents: Make sure your near and dear ones know where all the deeds and documents to your possessions are. I have a friend who has a scheduled email with a master list of all his accounts\debts and passwords. Every month, he updates the email and pushes the scheduled date by a month. His argument is, if he dies then his loved one(s) will get the email in a month and they will know what to do.
  1. Death Ceremonies: Let your loved ones know how you wish to be bidden farewell to. Let them know your wishes for Organ Donation. Traditional Burial vs Cremation is the hot topic for debate these days. You can budget for funeral services (seeing as they run upwards of 10,000K these days) and have these funds ready so that you don’t become a burden to your loved ones in your death. Some countries have yearly funeral rites, and these usually have monetary values attached. My grandpa always said – ‘When I die, do not spend money on those who have enough in life. Instead, make sure that you sponsor one full meal at the local orphanage and that is one effective way to pay tribute to me’. And till date, that is what we do.
  1. Let your partner know that it is OK to love again(Or not, depending on the kind of person you are). I personally would like it if my partner would be able to say his goodbyes and move on with his life instead of pining for me. This guilt of falling in love after a better half has passed away can be a bit too much for most of the people.
  1. Always tell your loved ones that you love them. This can also be constituted as a life lesson. Your general happiness will always be better when everyone around you knows that you love them and when you know that you are loved. Repeat this everyday as often as you like. We never know what surprises are waiting for us around the corner.

There are a few other things that I am working on personally like a necessity for DNR but I guessed it would be too much for everyone to handle. So, am keeping the list short at 5 Must do things before one dies. So, regardless of your age, start working on the above 5.


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