Sunday, October 17

11.22.63 | Hulu Original | A mystery Sci-Fi Thriller that starts off brilliantly, eases off a bit and then ends with a bang !


Jake Epping (James Franco ) is a high school teacher who travels back in time to 1960, through a time portal that was revealed to him by his friend and cafe owner Al Templeton. The time portal located in Al’s Cafe closet lets them travel back to October 21’st 1960 every single time and however long they stay back in the past, its always just 2 minutes that elapses in the present. After multiple failed attempts and now dying of cancer, Al requests Jake to travel back in time so that he could prevent the JFK assassination (as he believes if JFK had survived, the world would have been a better place) by taking out Lee Harvey Oswald (Daniel Webber) and finding out if anybody else was involved in the same.

Reluctantly and with nothing to lose in his present life, Jake sets out on the mission in the past.  There, he teams up with Bill Turcotte (George MacKay), who he befriends by chance and together they set out on their mission. While at it he falls for the school librarian Sadie Dunhill , played by the lovely Sarah Gadon. What goes on with the mission and their lives from 1960 to the D-Day forms the rest of the plot and I wouldn’t dare spoil it for anyone 🙂

11.22.63 ends up being a decent watch owing to the involvement of Stephen King and JJ Abrams. Along with that the direction and background score throughout the series was top notch. It has been a while since the talented artist in James Franco had a role that did justice to his caliber and this limited series by Hulu ended up being just the right reminder on why he is so highly regarded in the industry. Daniel Webber, Sarah Gorden and George MacKay were brilliant in their respective roles as well.

This limited series is worth your while if you are a fan of either James Franco or Stephen King and if you are not, it would be just an above average watch, which is still worth spending some time on.


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